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1375 W. Glenn St.
Tucson, AZ 85705

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32.3567, - 110.9934

About our Location:

A member of the WheelTime Network, 国内买球的正规网站有哪些以提供卓越的客户服务和专业的工作而自豪. 国内买球的正规网站有哪些的机械师致力于把工作做好,让您的汽车或卡车重新上路.


1375 W. Glenn St.
Tucson, AZ 85705

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32.3567, - 110.9934


Monday - Friday
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday


On-Site Amenities

  • Driver's Lounge
  • HD Televisions
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Wi-Fi

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  • American Express
  • Money Orders

Get To Know Us:

Our service center is located off Exit 255 (Miracle Mile). Head east off the exit and turn right at Flowing Wells. We are on the right hand side of the street just past the left curve. Our mechanics, friendly service advisors and staff are ready to address all your truck, commercial vehicle and equipment needs in any of our 27 working bays. 您的舒适对国内买球的正规网站有哪些来说至关重要——您可以在司机休息室享受免费咖啡和无线网络. Consider it Done!


We proudly represent top industry manufacturers and brands, including:


W.W. Williams is easy to work with and is very knowledgeable. 他们总是提供很好的客户服务,我和他们一起工作很舒服. 我可以通过电子邮件与我的卡车沟通问题,他们会马上处理.  

Specialized Transportation Company Truck Service

W.W. Williams has wonderful customer service, prompt attention, and the overall service they provide is great. 

Manager TCI Tire Centers

The team at W.W. Williams is nice to work with and does what they say they will do. They have always been helpful, friendly, and they do good work.  


They know what they’re doing. They treat me fairly and they don’t have high prices. 

Independent Truck Driver Truck Service

W.W. Williams is knowledgeable and provide good customer service. 

Engine Repair Shop Truck Parts

The team at W.W. Williams is friendly and accommodating. There was even a mechanic that came back on duty just to help us out. 


The staff at W.W. Williams are professional and friendly. They keep you in the loop during the repair and stay true to their word.  


As a big company, it is important to me that W.W. Williams is there when I call them. There is never any hesitation when it comes to communication. 

Mining Company Diesel Engine Service

W.W. Williams did an excellent job. 

Trucking Company Truck Service

W.W. 国外正规买球app有很好的客户服务,他们总是能准确地估计成本.  


This location is conveniently located. 他们总是为我提供及时、友好和知识渊博的服务.  


W.W. Williams is very knowledgeable and know what they’re doing. 

Independent Truck Driver Bus Service

If W.W. 国外正规买球app继续以他们的方式做生意,他们就会有一个终生的客户! I know I can trust the work they do. 


I cannot express how great the staff is at the W.W. Williams Tucson shop. 他们竭尽全力满足国内买球的正规网站有哪些的需求,而且总是超出国内买球的正规网站有哪些的期望. Any questions we have, the staff is always available with an answer. I would rate them a 20 out of 10 if I could.  


W.W. 国外正规买球app绝对超出了我的期望,每个人都有一种“我能做什么”和“我能帮你什么”的态度. 

Insurance Agency Vehicle Repair

The staff at W.W. Williams are professional and kept us informed the entire time. 


I like W.W. Williams overall consistency and customer service. We never have any problems with our orders. 他们确认了订单,并告诉我什么时候可以收到货物.  

Automotive Supply Company Bus Parts

W.W. 国外正规买球app是可靠的,合作的,负责任的,他们跳起来很快. 

Chemical Industry Company Truck Service

W.W. Williams always has the parts I need and they treat me fairly. 

Trucking Company Truck Parts

The customer service at W.W. 国外正规买球app很棒,我喜欢他们及时地照顾我和我的问题. They also have good parts availability. 

Local School Truck Parts

All the employees at W.W. Williams do a great job. I trust them with my truck. 

Trucking Company Truck Service

W.W. 国外正规买球app有能力及时出来为单位服务. 

Fire Prevention Company Truck Service

W.W. Williams has mobile service. 

Trucking Company Diesel Engine Repair

Truck & Vehicle Repair & Service

国内买球的正规网站有哪些了解当今司机的首要任务:安全、最长的正常运行时间和诚实的服务. Whether you drive a long-haul truck or a school bus, we've got what it takes to get you back on the road. 从所有品牌和型号的DPF清洁服务到科瓦奇移动设备(KME)新型消防车的销售和服务, let us keep you moving. 在国内买球的正规网站有哪些的图森服务中心,国内买球的正规网站有哪些还专门从事非公路采矿设备的销售和服务. 此外,国内买球的正规网站有哪些还为卡车、挂车、商用车提供以下服务 & equipment:

  • Diesel Engine & Transmission Service & Repair
  • Bumper to Bumper Service & Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Cab Climate Control Parts & Service
  • Onsite Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Power Generator Service & Sales

W.W. Williams Tucson excels compared to a typical service center. 国内买球的正规网站有哪些是高品质发电产品的销售专家和服务商. 无论您是需要现场服务和维修,还是需要新的连续电源解决方案,都可以考虑. Discuss your specific needs with us by phone, email or in person.

  • Backup Generator Service & Repair
  • Backup Generator Sales
  • Continuous Power Generator Service & Repair
  • Continuous Power Generator Sales

Diesel Engine Repair, Service & Sales

W.W. 国外正规买球app国内买球的正规网站有哪些柴油机械师的先进技术而广为人知. 国内买球的正规网站有哪些是合作伙伴与底特律柴油和mtu -提供销售,零部件和服务支持. 国内买球的正规网站有哪些的维修中心为所有品牌和型号提供服务,如果是柴油发动机,国内买球的正规网站有哪些的机械师可以修理. Class 8 trucks, medium-duty trucks, vans, buses, and RVs, 即使是重型建筑设备和船用发动机-如果您需要柴油发动机维修或服务, Consider It Done.

  • Maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Repair
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Engine Sales
  • Replacement Parts

Emergency Vehicle Repair & Service

We help emergency responders minimize vehicle and equipment downtime, control costs and get the to next alarm safely. Our EVT certified technicians stand ready to help. 无论您是需要更换零件,发动机维修还是10,000英尺的软管-考虑完成.

  • Bumper to Bumper Apparatus Service & Repair
  • Engine Service & Repair
  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • Emergency Equipment Service & Repair

Commercial Vehicle & Truck Parts

Rely on the experts at W.W. 威廉斯为您需要保持您的卡车和商用车辆运行的部件. We are an authorized reseller for:

  • Allison Transmission
  • Carrier Transicold
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Mercedes-Benz Engines
  • mtu
  • Weller Transmission

Fleet Maintenance Management

From a single truck or trailer to a fleet of thousands, W.W. Williams Tucson knows how to manage your fleet. 国内买球的正规网站有哪些的交钥匙解决方案将提高车队的正常运行时间,降低风险,并帮助您控制和管理成本.

  • Bumper to Bumper Service & Repair
  • Customized Fleet Maintenance Schedules
  • Fast Response Field Service Trucks
  • All-Makes Parts Inventory
  • Real-Time Repair Tracking Dashboard
  • National Service Network

Solutions for the Whole Truck & Trailer

Any make. Any model. Any year. Consider It Done.

WheelTime Promise

Get It Done Right, The First Time.

W.W. Williams is a member of the WheelTime Service Network, 一个遍布美国和加拿大的服务网点,致力于在最短的时间内让你重新上路.

The Wheeltime Promise
  • Initial assessment within two hours of arrival
  • Completed repairs in the fastest time possible
  • We will meet the cost estimate given
  • We will meet the time estimate given
  • We will notify you within 30 minutes after last labor
  • We will do it right, the first time